Very often it's the last key on the KEY RING that opens the door. DON'T YOU DARE GIVE UP!”

— Rev. Run

Love Song

Hailing from Saint Paul, Minnesota, recording artist, songwriter, influencer and Co-host YaLonda Lolar-Johnson has a voice to be reckoned with.

YaLonda began singing at the age of eight, and studied opera at Macphail Center for the arts. Anointed, dynamic and gifted are words that come to mind about YaLonda's voice. Her ministry is more than just music; its worship that elevates many into His presence.

She now travels with her friend CoCo (co-host of the Healthy Lifestyle show - Keeping up with Coco & Lala); sharing Gods “Love” & “Healthy Lifestyle” practices to the community through her music and Coco & Lala's social media platforms and events.


Check out YaLonda’s latest release 
“Love Song” 
available now on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, and Google play.




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